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Central Microfilm guarantees that all products will meet or exceed industry standards for archival quality as outlined in the Association for Information and Image Management, Practice for Operational Procedures, AIIM Standard MS23.

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Stan Hubbard
Stan Hubbard
Micrographic Services Manager

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Jerry Duncan
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Lynn Van Brocklin
Microfilm Equipment Operator II

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Got Microfilm?

Microfilming your documents provides cost efficient storage, inexpensive duplicate distribution and a 'human readable' disaster backup for your vital records. Kept in environmentally controlled conditions, microfilm can remain stable for over two hundred years. No matter how technology changes, microfilm remains one of the most popular and cost effective formats for the long-term storage of valuable records.

The Central Microfilm lab is a full service micrographics facility offering a complete range of services to State and other government agencies on a cost-recovery basis.

The Benefits of Microfilming

When designed and used properly, a microfilm based records system can offer significant benefits. Some of the advantages of a micrographics system are:

  • Rapid Accessibility - Reduction in the actual file size makes it possible to keep large records collections in one location, ensures uniformity of arrangement, improves the manageability of the file, and provides the possibility of computer assisted retrieval of images.
  • File Integrity - Micrographics eliminates the problems of misfiled, out -of-file , and damaged documents.
  • Space Savings - Microfilm requires 2% of the space used for paper records. Other savings can be made in file equipment and storage costs as well.
  • Security - Fragile and permanently valuable documents can be reproduced on film for continued use. Also, inexpensive duplicates can be made, permitting off site storage for security or vital records protection.
  • Economical Distribution - Reproduction and mail costs can be reduced by substituting film for paper records.
  • Feasibility and system design.
  • 16mm & 35mm document microfilming of archival documents, files, newspapers, as well as books and journals.
  • Microfiche formatting and duplication for both 16mm and 35mm film.
  • Roll film duplication of 16mm and 35mm film on either silver film, for long term stability, or diazo film for low cost distribution copies.
  • Digitization of existing microforms.
  • Creating master microfilm from born-digital documents.

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