Eight Stars of Gold: The story of Alaska's flag

Eight Stars of Gold
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Meet the Researcher
18-minute video interview with India Spartz, the curator of the exhibition, Eight Stars of Gold: The Story of Alaska's Flag. Ms. Spartz discusses the development of the exhibition and the fascinating discoveries she made in her research. May also be used with the student activity, Meet the Researcher.

Benny Benson
13-minute video interview of Benny Benson conducted in 1971 by the Anchorage School District. Mr. Benson shares about the development of his flag design and how his life was affected by winning the flag competition.

Alaskaís Flag Song
2-minute video of Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer singing the Alaska Flag song in the Governorís Mansion in Juneau, 2001.

Kidsí Gazette
Puzzles, games and information about Alaska's Flag. A 4-page PDF file for kids of all ages.


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