Highly Recommended
Hall, June, Quilts of Alaska: A Textile Album of the Last Frontier, Juneau, Gastineau Channel Historical Society, 2001, ISBN: 0-9704815-0-0.  This is a highly recommended book for schools and teachers who plan to use the exhibit or materials from the exhibit in their classrooms. The catalog is extravagantly illustrated with full color pictures of selected quilts and historic photographs. Five chapters provide detailed information about quilting, especially as it applies to Alaska. A full index, appendix, bibliography and endnotes make it a valuable resource for reference and teaching.

(Ordering information: The Store at the Alaska State Museum, Juneau, Alaska 99802. $21.95 +$7.00 (postage/handling) per book.

Children's Literature Featuring Quilts
Recommended by Professor Katy Spangler, University of Alaska Southeast

Picture Books
Bolton, Janet, My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt: A Book and Pocketful of Patchwork Pieces, Doubleday, 1994, ISBN: 0-385-31155-9.

Brown, Craig. The Patchwork Farmer, Greenwillow, 1989, ISBN: 0-688-077350-8.  This wordless picture book uses cheerful illustrations to show a farmer (who always seems to be tearing his overalls) that his patching resembles the appearance of his flourishing fields.

Coerr, Eleanor, Illus. by Bruce Degan, The Josefina Story Quilt, Harper & Row, 1986.
ISBN: 0-06-031249-3.  A wagon train headed west is no place for a chicken, especially one who is too tough to eat and too old to lay eggs. However, Faith's new pet chicken, Josefina, proves she still has a few surprises left in her. Children's Editors' Choices for 1986 (BL) Notable 1986 Children's Trade Books in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)

Cole, Barbara Hancock, Illus. Barbara Minton, Texas Star, Orchard, 1990,
ISBN: 0-531-05820-4.  This is an engaging story of preparing for and holding a quilting bee. The quilt being created has the pattern of the Texas Star.

Dwyer, Mindy, Quilt of Dreams, Alaska Northwest, 2000, ISBN: 0-882-40521-7.  Kate and her mother undertake a special journey to finish a quilt begun by Kate’s grandmother. The beautiful story and illustrations by an Alaskan author/illustrator celebrate the tradition of creating functional art. The book includes histories and illustrations of quilt patterns.

Ernst, Lisa Campbell, Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1983,
ISBN: 0-688-01517-4.  This humorous picture book reminds children that men actually did some sewing and quilting. The drawings are clear, colorful and inspirational.

Flournoy, Valerie, llus. Jerry Pinkney, The Patchwork Quilt, IDial, 1985,
ISBN: 0-8037-0097-0.  This book uses multiculturalism and family to deal with death. Teachers have used this in the classroom to help students confront death in a healthy manner. It also provides an excellent lead-in to an art lesson about making a classroom quilt

Franco, Betsy, Illus. Linda Bild, Grandpa's Quilt, Children's Press, 2000
ISBN: 0-516-26551-2.

Gabrielle, Vincent, Ernest and Celestine’s Patchwork Quilt, Greenwillow, 1982,
ISBN 0-688-04557-X.

Guback, Georgia, Luka's Quilt, Greenwillow, 1994, ISBN: 0-688-12154-3.  A misunderstanding about the differences between an Hawaiian quilt style and a more colorful quilt cause Luka and her grandmother to feel hurt. A wonderfully illustrated story of quilting, misunderstanding and compromise.

Hill, Anna Grossnickle, Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts, Greenwillow, 2001,
ISBN: 0-688-16963-5.  Exquisite fabric pictures of miniature quilts (12”x18”) are beautifully matched with short, lyrical poems celebrating the seasons.

Hopkinson, Deborah, Illus. James Ransome, Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt,  Knopf, 1993, ISBN: 0-679-82311-5.  This is a wonderful story based on a true, little-known chapter in African-American history. A courageous young girl creates a quilt that serves as a map to freedom from slavery. Many excellent lesson plans on the Internet use this book.

Howard, Ellen, Illus. Ronald Himler, The Log Cabin Quilt, Holiday House, 1999,
ISBN: 0-823-41336-5.  This is a sensitive and beautifully illustrated story about pioneer life in Michigan. It is also the story of how a grandmother’s resourceful use of quilting scraps helps heal a broken family.

Johnson, Tony, Illus. Tomie dePaola, The Quilt Story, Putnams, 1985,
ISBN: 0-399-21009-1.  Beautifully illustrated and moving, this story follows a quilt from its creation in pioneer days through to its restoration in modern times. Using the constancy of a mother’s love, we see that all generations experience changes and transitions.

Jonas, Ann, The Quilt Greenwillow, 1984, ISBN: 0-688-03825-5.   This simple story with intricate illustrations tells of a child's first night sleeping and dreaming under her new quilt. Her new quilt is made from her old things--pajamas, curtains, and her first crib sheet.

Kurtz, Shirley, Illus. Cheryl Benner, The Boy and the Quilt, Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 1991, ISBN: 1-56148-009-6.  This quilt book involves a boy who, along with his other family members, shows interest in quilting from old scraps. General instructions about quilt making are also included.

Martin, Jacqueline Briggs, Illus. Stella Ormai, Bizzy Bones and the Lost Quilt, NY: Lothrup, Lee & Shepard, 1988, ISBN: 0-688-07407-3.  

Mills, Lauren, The Rag Coat, NY: Little, Brown, 1991, ISBN: 0-316-57407-4.  The author’s old-fashioned watercolor-and-pencil drawings of Appalachia help tell the story of Minna, who is teased by classmates about her “rag coat.”  Minna eventually helps the other children understand that her patches are pieces of all of their childhood.

Moss, P. Buckley, Illus. Merle Good Goodbooks, Reuben and the Quilt, 1999,
ISBN: 1-56148234-X.  This short story, about the creation of a quilt, helps explain Amish people and their beliefs. Illustrations are excellent.

Parrish, Shelly Perlin. Sharing Grandma's Gift, Printstar/Popcorn Press, 2000
ISBN: 0-89716-930-0.  Reviewer: Lori Horbas The quilt that Grandma made helps explain the difficult subject of death in a sensitive manner. The quilts with their stories show how a family is woven together over many generations.

Paul, Ann Whitford, Illus. Jeannette Winter, Eight Hands Round, Harper, 1991,
ISBN: 0-06-024689-8 .  Early American patchwork patterns help create an alphabet. Simple illustrations show the patterns and how each got its name.

Polacco, Patricia, The Keeping Quilt, Simon & Schuster, 1988, ISBN: 0-671-64963-9.  Strongly moving pictures illustrate the true story of four generations of women who have owned a quilt made of clothing from family members.

Ross, Kent and Alice, Cemetary Quilt, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1995,
ISBN: 0-395-70948-2.  This unique story book speaks "quietly to the universal fear of loss and separation" through the story of a young girl who attends her grandfather's funeral and learns about a family quilt that memorializes those who have died.

Ringold, Faith, Tar Beach, Crown, 1991, ISBN: 0-517-58030-6.  This is a unique art form: a fictional story, painting, autobiography and quilt making all rolled into one. The beautifully quilted border of this storybook compliments the story of dreaming on a roof in Harlem.

Roth, Susan L. and Ruth Phang, Patchwork Tales, Atheneum, 1984,
ISBN: 0-689-31053-6.

Stepto, Michele, Illus. John Himmelman, Snuggle Piggy and the Magic Blanket, Dutton, 1987,
ISBN: 0-525-44308-8.  A small pig receives a special blanket where animals and people on the blanket come alive at night. This is a childhood favorite for many people.

Turner, Ann Warren, Sewing Quilts, Simon & Schuster, 1994, ISBN: 0-02789285-9.

Warner, Sunny, The Moon Quilt, Houghton-Mifflin, 2001, ISBN: 0-618-05583-5.  An old woman dreams of her husband who is lost at sea while she is quilting. Her dreams help lead to new purpose and reflection as she stitches in the changes to her quilt.

Willard, Nancy, Illus. Tomie dePaola, The Mountains of Quilt, Harcourt, 1987,
ISBN: 0-15-256010-6.  A magician’s miniature flying carpet is accidentally sewn into a quilt and leads to an adventurous story. Crazy quilt borders add more magic to this simple but satisfying story.

Willing, Karen B., Quilting Then and Now, Now and Then Publications, 1994,
ISBN: 0-96418-207-1.  This book gives a clear, rhyming explanation of the history of quilting in America and how it has changed. The artwork is a combination of real quilt photos and drawings

Zagwyn, Deborah T, The Pumpkin Blanket, Celestial Arts, 1991, ISBN: 0-89087-637-1. 
A little girl gives up her special blanket to keep the pumpkins from freezing.

Chapter Books
Fager, Chuck, Illus Charlotte Lewis, The Magic Quilts, Kimo, 1988, ISBN: 0-94517702-X. 
This exciting full-length fantasy story is for young readers (ages 9-12).  It is full of adventure, suspense and magic, with strong female characters and a story centered on preventing violence and war rather than winning bloody battles. Three girls find themselves flung into a distant world, along with quilts made for them by their father. Returning home requires them to use their wit, courage, and their now-magic quilts.

Geras, Adele, Apricots at Midnight, Atheneum, 1982, ISBN: 0-689-30921-X.

Kinsey-Warnock, Illus Leslie W.Bowman, The Canada Geese Quilt, Dutton, 1989,
ISBN: 0-525-65004-0 .  With Grandma's support and understanding, Ariel learns to accept the news of a new baby in the family. Together, they plan to make a beautiful quilt as a special gift for the baby. However, when Grandma has a stroke, Ariel is lost and afraid. This touching portrait of the warmth and love of family has been a favorite of young readers for ten years. "A small gem of a book, a beautifully written, engaging celebration of life, love, self-discovery, and the cycles of nature."-School Library Journal

Terris, Susan, Nell’s Quilt, NY: Scholastic, 1988, ISBN: 0-590-41914-5.  Urged at the age of eighteen to marry a man she doesn't want, Nell delays the event by working on a quilt while slowly starving herself and observing the unhappy lot of many women in turn-of-the century Massachusetts, she arrives at a decision to rescue herself from the brink of death and take charge of her life.

Information Books
ABC Quilts, Making Quilts for Kids, Quilt Digest Press, 1992.

Bial, Raymond, With Needle and Thread: a Book About Quilts, Houghton-Mifflin, 1996,
ISBN: 0-395-73568-8.

Cobb, Mary, The Quilt-Block History of Pioneer Days with Projects Kids Can Make, Millbrook, 1995, ISBN: 1-56294-692-7.

Lyons, Mary E, Stitching Stars: the Story Quilts of Harriet Powers, Scribners, 1993, ISBN: 0-684-19576-3.

Wilson, Sule Greg, African-American Quilting: the Warmth of Tradition (African Diaspora), Rosen, 1999 ISBN: 0-82391854-1.

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