Entry to exhibit Juror's Statement First gallery, left wall Jurorís Prize: Rooftop
Bonnie Landis, Anchorage
Archival pigment print
First gallery, front wall Honorable Mention: Passage to Tibet
Nathaniel Wilder
Digital print
First gallery, right wall Honorable Mention: Beside the Still Waters
Carol J. Zeien, Seldovia
Digital print
2nd place Cash Award: Mickey, Yukon River
Ben Huff, Fairbanks
Archival pigment print
First gallery, back wall Honorable Mention: Woman with Bag
Barbara A. Kelly, Juneau
Inkjet print
Honorable Mention: Urban Caribou, 2007
Clark James Mishler, Anchorage
Digital print
Second gallery, left wall Honorable Mention: Alaska Fishermanís Bldg. Juneau
Pat Kalbaugh, Juneau
Digital print
3rd Place cash award: Naval
Deanna Lampe, Juneau
Digital print
Second gallery, front wall 4th place Honorable Mention: Jump into the clouds
Brandon Hauser
Archival pigment print
Honorable Mention: Sandpiper Migration
John Schwieder, Anchorage
Giclee print
Second gallery, right wall Second gallery, back wall Honorable Mention: Tlingit Petroglyph
Jayne Jones, Kenai
Polaroid emulsion transfer, mixed media
Honorable Mention: Through the Looking Glass #26, Remember Leaves
Tami Phelps, Anchorage
Handcolored silver print, optical lens
Second gallery, back wall