Deland Anderson Terra Incognita Tami Phelps Remembering Custer Gallery Shot Sherri McDonald Douglas Harbor Left, Antti V. Hoyla Political Empire
Right, Paula Rasmus-Dede Private Dancer #2
Left, Sara Tabbert The House in the River
Right, Sara Tabbert The Red Raft
Gallery Shot Gallery Shot Left, Erin Cooper Lichen Kaleidoscope
Right, Sandra Harrington Final Approach
Sandra Harrington Final Approach Stron Softi Not For Sale Poster 1: Sliver Hand, Silver Spooner Organ Grinder Gina Holloman Miss Coquet Denise Heimel Organic Transformations Kathryn C. Mallory My Boy at Six Gallery Shot Anne Aube A Soldiers Plan Left, Dick Benedict Solid as Dust
Center, Kathryn C. Mallory Lena & Pete with the Laundry & the Meat
Right, G.W. Bell Nomad of Beringia
G.W. Bell Nomad of Beringia Esther Hong Arrive Empty Depart Empty Gallery Shot Michael Conti Without Imagination