Katherine Coons Artist Statement

I have been working on tapestries, scrolls and unstructured pieces of cloth that evolve into sculptural objects. These works are inspired by my travels throughout Southeast Asia and include materials and objects that I bring home. The materials include fabrics made of plastics and heavy woven materials that hold up to thick layers of paint and other materials affixed to the surfaces.

Often, I balance these tapestries with other objects and small paintings or painted panels that take on the tapestry’s aesthetic in color and content. Examples of this type of work are Animal Rag II and the Bali Notebook Series. Each artwork consists of multiple layers of materials broken down, deconstructed and pieced over and over again until a resolution has been found.

Future ideas entail writing on some of the blank facades of these fabric works. Other works I have in mind are smaller pieces and tapestries placing more emphasis on the sewing in lieu of the paintbrush, with more sculptured textures and surfaces. Examples of this type of work can be found in White Noise and Pink Plethora. The sewing becomes the strands of the paint and the networks of textures upon textures.

Other tapestries such as Prayer Rag have paint surfaces that are worked with oil sticks taking on the semblance of calligraphy and mark making indictative of my past paintings.