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Long Lines

Long Lines is an exhibit of mixed media sculpture. Clay is the primary medium along with fiber, cast glass, cast iron, steel, and wood. Detail of Long Lines photographed by Chris Arend.

Home Economics and Large Blades in the foreground.

"Home Economics is a piece that documents 6 months of our meals of fish that we harvested from the ocean, stored in our freezer and served on our table. I derive great satisfaction from cooking a meal of food that comes from local sources. The skins of these fish are sewn with artificial sinew and stretched out to dry, hung in columns on the wall."

Large Blades in the foreground and Long Lines hung on the back wall.

Long lines

"The title piece - Long Lines - is inspired from my years of commercial fishing. I’ve hung multiple stoneware hooks from long lengths of nylon twine. Circle hooks can be seen in anthropological collections and the same design is used today, an amazing example of ageless continuity."

Large Blades and 3 Cases of Salmon

Home Economics, Large Blades, and 3 Cases of Salmon.

Large Blades

Large Blades, Hand Tools, Out of the Mending Box, and Homage to Julia.

Homage to Julia

Homage to Julia and Out of the Mending Box

The Mending box

"The Mending Box contains supplies to make all sorts of repairs that use knots or stitching. The box contains a hand, cast in glass, that represents knowledge of the ways of mending and repairing—everything from clothing to fishing gear. Objects whose life has been extended by repair have a special beauty for me."

Hand Tools and Out of the Mending Box

Hand Tools

"Hand Tools is made up of five cast iron hands from people that live in Halibut Cove- artists, fishermen, craftsmen, teachers, and gardeners. These hands each tell a story of work and are a powerful portrait of the individuals. All of these hands have been made beautiful through use."