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Spartz, India. Eight Stars of Gold: The Story of Alaska's Flag. Juneau: Alaska State Museum: 2001. The exhibit catalog was produced to accompany the 75th anniversary of the creation of Alaska's flag. Copies of the catalog are available from the Museum (395 Whittier St., Juneau, AK 99801) and online as a PDF file at http://museums.state.ak.us.

Flag Books

Caudill, Rebecca. Did You Carry the Flag Today, Charley? Illustrated by Nancy Grossman. New York, NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1988. ISBN 003089753X Ages 8 - 10.

Crampton, William. Flag. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1989. ISBN 0-394-822255-2. The Eyewitness series provides clear information and photography to beautifully illustrate the topic. In this book students will discover the story of flags and banners close up - their history, their meanings, and how they are used.

Crouthers, David D. Flags of American History. Hammond Inc: New York, 1978. ISBN 0-8437-3080-3 This useful reference book includes chapters on flags of the Revolution, Civil War and "since the Civil War."  There is interesting, detailed information on flag etiquette and stories of famous flags such as Old Glory.

Haban, Rita D. How Proudly They Wave: Flags of the Fifty States. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications Co., 1989. ISBN 08225-1799-x The format for this book makes research easy and includes a full color flag representation for each state.

Inglefield, Eric. Flags. New York: Kingfisher Books, 1984. ISBN 0-668-06262-2 This is a handy reference book, especially for middle school students doing research projects about flags. Chapters include information about flag design, flags throughout history, and flags by continent with every country represented. Dense reading.

Jeffries, David. Flags. New York: A Franklin Watts Library Edition, 1985. ISBN 0-531-100008-1 This easy-to-read fact book provides a simple overview and clear illustrations about the main topics in the study of flags.

Johnson, Linda Carlson. Our National Symbols. Brookfield, CN: Millbrook Press, 1992. ISBN 0-395-65038-0 Ages 8-12. This book of symbols includes the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, bald eagle, bison and Uncle Sam.

Karasilovski, Phyllis. Benny's Flag. 2001. ISBN: 1570983208 soft bound copy. This book is beautifully illustrated by Juneau artist Jim Fowler that tells the story of Benny Benson entering and winning the contest to design Alaska's Flag.

Richter, Bernd and Susan. How Alaska Got its Flag. Cantwell, AK: Saddle Pal Creations, 2000. ISBN: 0-9663495-4-7 This bright, colorful book about the story of Benny Benson creating the flag also includes other ideas for symbols for Alaska.

Smith, Whitney. The Flag Book of the United States. Illustrations by Louis Loynes and Lucien Philippe, New York, NY: William Morrow & Co., 1975.  This is a dense reference book that describes each state flag, including the history of that flag. It also contains sections on the first flags in America, the origin of the U.S. flag, and flags since 1795.

White, David. Flag. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Enterprises, Inc., 1989. ISBN: 0-668-06262-2. This selection in the "Great Book" series includes chapters on flags as symbols, patterns and shapes of flags, the language of flags (semaphore) and etiquette, along with sections on Revolutionary flags, flags at sea, the stars and stripes, heraldry, and "flags to fear." This is an excellent book for research.

Folklore & Star Legends

Beck, Mary. Heroes and Heroines in Tlingit-Haida Legend. Seattle, WA: Northwest Books, 1989. Ages 10+. ISBN: 00-88240-334-6.These stories recount the escapades of famous heroes and heroines in the Tlingit-Haida tradition. Well written and vivid, the stories make for excellent read-alouds. (KS)

Caduto, Michael J. & Joseph Bruchac. Keepers of the Earth. Illustrated by John Kahionhes Fadden and Carol Wood, Golden, CO: Fulcrum, Inc., 1989. ISBN: 55591-027-0  This is a collection of North American Indian Stories and related hands-on activities. The authors designed the book to help children discover their environment and understand the influence they have on it.  This is a good teacher source book.

Carter, M. Legends, Tales and Totems of Alaska. Sutton, AK: Bentwood Press, 1986. Ages 10+  This is a collection of Eskimo, Aleut, and Indian tales relating to totem animals.  It has a large section on totem poles including history, carving, characteristics, types and legends illustrated in carvings. (KS)

Mayo, Gretchen Will. Star Tales: North American Indian Stories About the Stars. Illustrated by the author, New York: Walk & Co., 1987. Ages 8+. ISBN: 0-8027-6672-2  This book is a folktale collection about the nighttime sky taken from many Northern United States and Canadian Indians. Each story has a carefully researched introduction concerning its origin. This well done book tells the legends with simplicity and humor. (KS)

Monroe, Jean Guard & Roy A. Williamson. They Dance in the Sky. Illustrated by Edgar Steward, Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1987. All Ages. ISBN: 0-395-39970-X  This collection of legends from various North American Indian Cultures explains the sky world. It includes a bibliography, index and glossary. (KS)

Information Books about Alaska

Cobb, Vicki. Imagine Living Here. This Place is Cold.  Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee, New York: Walker Publishing Co.,1989. Ages 6-9. ISBN: 0-802707340-0  This wonderful book includes facts about Alaska's cold climate, animals, plants, travel and people. Lavallee cleverly blends the Eskimo culture with up-to-date illustrations that feed the imagination.

The Alaska Almanac: Facts About Alaska. (Updated annually) Alaska Northwest, 2000. Ages 8+ ISBN: 0-88240-249-8 This almanac is a must for every Alaskan classroom-it's packed full with the kind of trivia students enjoy and the facts and information teachers need to refer to. (KS)

Langdon, Steve. The Native People of Alaska. Anchorage, AK: Greatland Graphics, 1993. ISBN 92-074225 The introduction and chapter seven provide a good source for student research. This excellent book provides a complete chapter on each Alaska Native Group.

Heinrichs, Ann. Alaska. New York: Children's Press, 1991. Ages 9-14. ISBN: 0-516-00448-4 The Alaska volume of the "America the Beautiful" Series is comprehensive in its recent and accurate information. It includes good color photographs. (KS)

Jenness, Aylette and Rivers, Alice. In Two Worlds: A Yup'ik Eskimo Family. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1989. Ages 9-14. ISBN: 0-395-42979-5 This book is the documentation of the life of a Yup'ik Eskimo family located in a small Alaskan village on the coast of the Bering Sea. The well-written narrative and interesting photography detail the changes that have come about in the last fifty years.  (KS)

Naske, Clause-M. and Herman E. Slotnick. Alaska: A History of the 49th State. Second Edition, University of Oklahoma Press, 1976. ISBN: 0-8061-2573-X "A finely crafted narrative of Alaskan development … profusely illustrated, handsomely produced, is comprehensive, readable and eminently reliable." -Alaska History

Annotations marked with (KS) are based on Dr. Katy Spangler's "Alaska's Children's Literature Bibliography," an unpublished source book.  She teaches at the University of Alaska Southeast.