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The following words are used in the student activities and the exhibit catalog: Eight Stars of Gold: The Story of Alaska's Flag.

aesthetics n. pl. The philosophy of art and beauty
American Legion A community-service organization chartered in 1919 by the U.S. Congress.  Members must have been been in active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces
amputate v. To cut off, especially by surgery
anthem n. A song or hymn of praise or gladness
auspices n. Sponsorship
baton n. A rod twirled by a drum major
Big Dipper n. Ursa Major
Bostonian n. A person from Boston
camouflaged n. Disguised to conceal from the enemy
comical adj. Funny
conceptual art n. Art rooted in an idea or general notion
constellation n. A fixed set of stars
dormitory n. A building with many rooms for sleeping and living in
epidemic n. Spreading rapidly among people, as a disease
etiquette n. Acceptable way of behaving in society
flag n. Piece of cloth with colors and patterns that represent a country, a state, etc.
glacier n. A mass of ice and snow moving slowly down a valley or mountain. Glaciers either advance or recede
habitation n. A dwelling; home
honor n. High regard or respect
hospitalize v. To put in a hospital
manners n. Polite way of doing something
mast n. A tall vertical spar used to support sails
Methodist Church n. A Protestant Christian church, developed by the teachings of John Wesley
Mission Home n. A home that provides shelter and schooling for children who are not living with their parents
mukluks n. A boot made of animal skin, usually seal or reindeer
northernmost a. The farthest north
parka n. A heavy, hooded jacket
pledge n. A promise or an agreement
respect v. To feel or show honor or esteem
revered v. To regard with deep respect, love
sleigh riding v. To ride in a sleigh, a light vehicle on runners, for travel on snow
sovereignty n. Supreme power, especially over a body politic; enjoying autonomy
symbol n. An object used to represent something abstract
territorial governor of Alaska n. The person appointed by the President of the U.S. to govern or rule the territory of Alaska before statehood
territorial seal n. An official symbol of a territory; Alaska's seal was designed by Governor John Kinkead and redesigned by Governor Walter Clark.  It showed the northern lights, icebergs, Alaska Natives, mining, fishing, agriculture, fur seals and a railroad
territory n. A part of a country that does not have full rights
tuberculosis n. An infectious disease characterized by small rounded projections in the lungs
'Twilit Twenties' n. The 1920s; a period of time when things were dark (in the sense that Alaska wasn't a state and people had very limited ability to make laws for themselves) but were starting to get brighter - referring to the time just before dawn
twinkly adj. Twinkling or sparkling
unanimous adj. In complete agreement
uniform n. Distinctive or characteristic clothing
vexillology n. Study of flags