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  • Grand Visions of The Great Land: Historic & Contemporary Art from the Alaska State Museum Collections
  • Titanic of the North: The 1918 Wreck of the S.S. Princess Sophia. Exhibit Runs June 1 - October 6, 2018.

2018 Schedule

Date Event
Now - August

Grand Visions of The Great Land

Grand Visions of the Great Land features over a century of art from the permanent collection of the Alaska State Museum.

June 1 - October 6

Titanic of the North: The 1918 Wreck of the S.S. Princess Sophia

The worst shipwreck in the Pacific Northwest occurred in 1918 when over 350 passengers lost their lives in the wintry waters off the Alaskan coast when the SS Princess Sophia sank on her way to her home port in Victoria. The Alaska State Museum has partnered with the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Pioneers of Alaska-Juneau, to create an object-heavy exhibit that looks at this historical event and the lives of the individuals who made up the passengers and crew of the Princess Sophia. This exhibit provide a window into a critical time in the history of 20th century: the end of the First World War and the development of the West Coast.

Titanic of the North e-announcement [PDF]

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