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Services to Alaska Museums

The following is a list of services provided to museums, historical societies, and related organizations in Alaska. For more information, follow the links or contact Museum Services at:

Museum Chats Online

The Office of Museum Services holds an online chat session every month for those involved with Alaskan Museums who want to ask questions or discuss topics of interest. The chat usually lasts one hour. Occasionally there is a chat focused on a special topic such as LED lighting in museums or Grant in Aid funding etc. To see the current schedule, view archived chats or to join the current chat please go to the Museums Chat web page.


The Alaska State Museum awards grants to Alaska museums and museum-related organizations, such as historical societies or support groups, for projects that improve the quality of museum services and operations within the state. The grants are awarded on a competitive basis once a year. Application forms are available around April 1. See our Grants page.


The ASM publishes a quarterly newslettter, the Bulletin, as an information resource for Alaska's Museums. It carries articles on museum practices and opportunities and developments in the field, as well as news of events at the State Museum. Subscriptions are free. The Bulletin and Bulletin Archive are available online.

Searchable Collection Database

This site provides access to the combined collections database of the Alaska State Museum and the Sheldon Jackson Museum. Our online searchable database features the entire collection, with approximately 26,000 objects and over 5,000 digital images. Photography of the remainder of the collection is an on-going project. Additional photos will be made available as they are completed.


Under certain conditions the Alaska State Museum makes objects from its collection available for loan to museums that meet required standards. Loans are negotiated with the Curator of Collections. For further information call our curator of collections at 465.4826.

Conservation & Environmental Testing

The Curator of Museum Services at the State Museum is able to make on-site assessments of building and collection storage conditions as well as individual object assessments, and is able to make treatment recommendations. There is no charge for the service, but travel must be paid by the host museum.

The Curator of Museum Services can also provide a number of environmental testing devices to Alaska museums to monitor temperature, humidity and light. View a brochure in PDF format describing the environmental testing program. To contact the Curator of Museum Services call 888.913.MUSE (6873).

Guide to Museums

Museums Alaska maintains a current list of museums and cultural centers by city and by name within the state of Alaska.

Hands-on Loan Program

The Sheldon Jackson Museum maintains a Hands-On Loan program for schools in Alaska. This program provides a variety of materials to teachers for use in the classroom including objects, photographs, slides, audio tapes, video tapes and books. There is no charge for the service except for return shipping. You can view the database of hands-on loan materials online, or an extensive list of available materials is available from: Hands-On Loans, Sheldon Jackson Museum, 104 College Drive, Sitka, AK 99835. Phone 907.747.8981.

Information Services

Confronted with a problem? Looking for information? Wondering about proper procedures? The Curator of Museum Services provides technical information on all areas of museum operations either directly or by referral. Information can be provided by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. The ASM maintains a reference library as well as extensive files on museum practices. For easy access, we have a toll-free number for Museum Services, 888.913.MUSE (6873).

Lending Library

Books and videotapes on museum practices are available for loan through the Alaska State Library. Included are a series of 19 videotapes on preventive conservation topics.

List Serve "AKMuseums"

Working through the Department of Education and Early Development, the Museum maintains a list serve for use by Alaska's museum professionals. This electronic bulletin board will post your message or inquiry to museum people throughout the state. To subscribe, send an e-mail to the Curator of Museum Services.

Training Workshops

Workshops in various aspects of museum practices are provided from time to time either independently or in conjunction with Museums Alaska annual conferences. These are announced to the museum community on a case-by-case basis.

Traveling Exhibits

The Museum develops and circulates a number of compact, traveling exhibits for use by museums statewide. These are designed for institutions with limited space and are easy to install. Exhibitors are required to pay outgoing shipping. Among the exhibits currently available are: Kayaks of Alaska and Siberia; Dolly Spencer: Inupiaq Dollmaker; Dale DeArmond: The Nondalton Legends; Lockwood De Forest Alaska Oil Sketches and Alaska Positive 2004. For more information on traveling exhibits, contact the Curator of Exhibits at 907.465.4819 or see our traveling exhibit webpage.

On-site Assessments

The Curator of Museum Services is available for on-site visits to your museum to consult on almost any aspect of museum operations, including exhibits, conservation and collection management. A written report with recommendations can be provided. There is no charge for the service, but the host institution will be required to pay part or all of travel costs.


The State Museum web site gives access to information about current exhibits, programs, staff, and store products at both the Alaska State Museum in Juneau and the Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka. The site also provides information and links to all other museums in Alaska. Press releases, past articles and the current issue of the Bulletin are also on the web.

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