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Museum Bulletin Newsletter

Starting with issue #36, the Bulletin is available at the Alaska State Museum Bulletin blog (WordPress). Issues earlier than #36 are in PDF format.

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WordPress bulletins published in 2015.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #83 April 2015 Into the Archives Asbestos removal Top 10 tips for GIA application
Bulletin #82 March 2015 Interview with ASM's new registrar Preservation vs. Access Tanana Valley Railroad Museums
Bulletin #81 February 2015 State Repository Designation Cleaning caribou hide moccasins Cordova Museum
Bulletin #80 January 2015 Renewing Alaskan Taxidermy with Fran Ritchie Removing super glue Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center


WordPress bulletins published in 2014.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #79 December 2014 Out with the Old in with the New (ASM) Displaying and preserving a handcrafted wooden sign The Seldovia Museum
Bulletin #78 November 2014 Intern at Sheldon Jackson Museum (Haines) Polyurethane foam in museums 22 grants awarded to Alaska museums and cultural centers
Bulletin #77 October 2014 My Summer in Anaktuvuk Use of an artifact for commercial purposes Pratt Museum in Homer
Bulletin #76 May 2014 Crate Ideas Messy collections: oil in an oil can Ahtna Heritage Foundation
Bulletin #75 April 2014 Crating with Coroplast Museum vs. Heritage Center Kodiak Maritime Museum
Bulletin #74 March 2014 A Museum Move Lesson: A museum moving experience is also physical Flask of mercury in a museum Big Change in GIA This Year!
Bulletin #73 February 2014 Concertinas, Curators, Banjos, and Boats: A Visit with Steve Brown Writing on CDs/DVDs Seward Museum
Bulletin #72 January 2014 The Arctic Drum Fish scales on XtraTufs Juneau-Douglas City Museum


WordPress bulletins published in 2013.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #71 Decemeber 2013 The Museum's Big Move Bugs, rodents, light and moisture The Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak, AK
Bulletin #70 November 2013 Snapshot of Shipwreck Artifact Treatments Displaying archival materials Alpine Historical Society in Sutton, AK
Bulletin #69 October 2013 Museum Adventures in Anaktuvuk Pass by Sarah Schaefer Old store-style glass cases for use in exhibiting objects Baranov Museum in Kodiak
Bulletin #68 Septemeber 2013 Interview with Jackie Fernandez Handling scrapbooks Sealaska Heritage Institute
Bulletin #67 August 2013 Transforming Galleries with Paint UV light & filters Climate Control at the Alutiiq Museum
Bulletin #66 July 2013 The Big Move, Part 1 Mold/Mildew on books & papers FY2014 Grant winners
Bulletin #65 June 2013 Interview with Aaron Elmore Signage for break rooms New computer for McLain Memorial Museum
Bulletin #64 May 2013 Due Diligence Labeling on rocks Applications due June 3
Bulletin #63 April 2013 Update on Science on a Sphere Adhesives for exhibition labels Now accepting applications
Bulletin #62 March 2013 Interview with Claire Imamura Frost on wood structure Sitka Historical Society
Bulletin #61 February 2013 Native Artist Demonstrators at 25 Flash photography in galleries Baranov Museum
Bulletin #60 January 2013 SLAM Project Breaks Ground! Drying out after a storm Seldovia Museum


WordPress bulletins published in 2012.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #59 December 2012 Interview with new ASM Registrar Addison Field Classifying photographs Alaska Museum of Natural History
Bulletin #58 November 2012 Top 13 Reasons We Don't Use Leather Dressings at the ASM Storing snow shoes Anchorage Museum
Bulletin #57 October 2012 Lights, Camera, Museums! Reusing artifacts? Juneau-Douglas City Museum
Bulletin #56 September 2012 Disasters in Museums Nurse's syringe kit Sheldon Jackson Museum
Bulletin #55 August 2012 Portable XRF at ASM Cats on staff? Seward Museum
Bulletin #54 July 2012 Using QR Codes Cracking wood FY 2013 award winners
Bulletin #53 June 2012 Sheldon Jackson Museum Artist Residency Program Adhesives for exhibition labels Alpine Historical Society
Bulletin #52 May 2012 ASM Wins Ross Merrill Award Freezing textiles none
Bulletin #51 April 2012 Fungus Among Us Plexi cleaner Juneau-Douglas City Museum
Bulletin #50 March 2012 How to Organize Your Spring Cleaning Computer-operated HVAC systems none
Bulletin #49 February 2012 SLAM project Wet picture frames Baronov Museum
Bulletin #48 January 2012 Museums: Where to start how to keep up SortKwikfinger moistener Sealaska Heritage Institute


WordPress bulletins published in 2011.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #47 December 2011 Education Outreach Through Real Artifacts Storing books Museum of the Aleutians
Bulletin #46 November 2011 Sheldon Jackson Museum's New Curator Mounted bald eagles Kodiak Maritime Museum
Bulletin #45 October 2011 Fur ID Project 101 Skin drums The Kenaitze Indian Tribe
Bulletin #44 September 2011 What's That White Stuff? Preserving audiovisual material Ahtna Cultural Center
Bulletin #43 August 2011 Photography and Colonialism in North America Bead disease Sam Fox Museum, Dillingham
Bulletin #42 July 2011 From Cannery to Curator Accession numbers Ketchikan Museum
Bulletin #41 June 2011 History in a Can Cataloguing collections Eagle Historical Society Museum
Bulletin #40 May 2011 Does Your Museum Need a Docent Program Removing photos from old albums GIA reporting revamp
Bulletin #39 April 2011 Science on a Sphere Rolled Regalia Juneau Douglas City Museum
Bulletin #38 March 2011 Tax Time for Museums New and Old Storage in Ziploc bags Baranov Museum
Bulletin #37 February 2011 Paper conservation projects Displaying objects naturally Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository
Bulletin #36 January 2011 First issue of e-Bulletin Cleaning dust off a painting Tanana Valley Railroad Museum


PDF bulletins published in 2010.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #35 [PDF] Winter 2010 Introducing Exhibits Specialist Jackie Manning Unopened cans of salmon in the collection Metlakatla's Duncan Cottage Museum Project
Bulletin #34 [PDF] Fall 2010 Conservation Intern at the Alaska State Museum Matching storage locations with database-noted locations 2011 Grant-in-Aid awards
Bulletin #33 [PDF] Spring 2010 A Paper Conservator's Alaskan Adventure Museum insurance policies Sutton's Alpine Historical Park
Bulletin #32 [PDF] Fall 2009 Bruce Kato retires Writing condition reports Sitka Historical Museum


PDF bulletins published in 2009.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #31 [PDF] Spring 2009 State Museum Brings Interns to Alaska's Small Museums Is Eskimo appropriate? Changes coming to Grant in Aid


PDF bulletins published in 2008.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #30 [PDF] Fall 2008 Managing dust Buffered vs. non-buffered tissue 2009 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #29 [PDF] Spring 2008 Pest Management Accessioning vs. cataloging objects Kodiak's Baranov Museum


PDF bulletins published in 2007.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #28 [PDF] Winter 2007 Sorrel Goodwin is new Registrar at State Museum UV filters and light levels Juneau/Douglas City Museum
Bulletin #27 [PDF] Fall 2007 2007 Spruce Root Basketry Conservation Internship Displaying artwork with feathers 2008 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #26 [PDF] Summer 2007 ASM Hires Bob Banghart as New Curator of Exhibits Bugs in fur Carrie McClain Memorial Museum
Bulletin #25 [PDF] Spring 2007 The Alaska State Museums Hires a New Conservator Ellen Carrlee Scope of collections Dorothy Page Museum in Wasilla


PDF bulletins published in 2006.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #24 [PDF] Fall 2006 Alaska State Museums Hires Curator of Museum Services Scott Carrlee Handling objects, fading baskets, and skin-covered drums 2007 grant-in-aid awardees
Bulletin #23 [PDF] Winter 2006 Arctic Winter Games highlights growing traveling exhibits list n/a Changes to Grant-in-Aid


PDF bulletins published in 2005.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #22 [PDF] Summer 2005 Fee structures for the use of photographs n/a 2006 Grant-in-Aid awardees


PDF bulletins published in 2004.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #21 [PDF] Fall 2004 Online collection database access for Alaska State Museum n/a 2005 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #20 [PDF] Spring 2004 Addison Field joins staff at Alaska State Museum n/a 2004 Grant-in-Aid awardees


PDF bulletins published in 2003.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #19
Email Anjuli for a copy of Bulletin #19
Winter 2003 Canoe Restoration Project at Sheldon Jackson Museum n/a n/a


PDF bulletins published in 2002.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #18 [PDF] Fall 2002 Alaska Positive Exhibit n/a n/a
Bulletin #17 [PDF] Summer 2002 Alaska's Flag n/a 2003 Grant-in-Aid awardees


PDF bulletins published in 2001.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #16 [PDF] Fall 2001 Solo Artist interviews n/a n/a
Bulletin #15 [PDF] Summer 2001 Alaska Museum Survey Results n/a FY2002 Grant-in-Aid awards
Bulletin #14 [PDF] Spring 2001 Quilts of Alaska n/a n/a
Bulletin #12-13 [PDF] Fall 2000/Winter 2001 State Museum Welcomes New Conservator Scott Carroll n/a n/a


PDF bulletins published in 2000.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #11 [PDF] Summer 2000 ASM lending library returns n/a FY2001 Grant-in-Aid Awards


PDF bulletins published in 1999.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #10 [PDF] Autumn 1999 The Meaning of the Masks' Return n/a n/a
Bulletin #9 [PDF] Summer 1999 Exhibit Label Basics, Part 3: Content n/a 2000 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #7-8 [PDF] Winter & Spring 1999 Basic Techniques for Making and Mounting Labels n/a Grant-in-Aid forms mailing out soon


PDF bulletins published in 1998.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #6 [PDF] Fall 1998 Y2K for museums n/a 1999 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #5 [PDF] Summer 1998 Exhibit Labels: Basic Guidelines for Small Museums n/a n/a


PDF bulletins published in 1997.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #4 [PDF] Fall 1997 Aleut weavers baskets n/a 1998 Grant-in-Aid awardees
Bulletin #3 [PDF] Summer 1997 Native Artist Deomonstrators Program at Sheldon Jackson Museum n/a n/a
Bulletin #2 [PDF] February 1997 New Conservator Brook Bowman n/a Grant-in-Aid approaching deadline


PDF bulletins published in 1996.
Issue Published Feature Ask ASM GIA Spotlight
Bulletin #1 [PDF] September 1996 New positions open, new web page n/a 1997 Grant-in-Aid awardees

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