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  • The Best of Alaska Positive: 35 Years of Award-Winning Photographs
    Exhibition catalog accompanies the traveling exhibition of the same name, organized by the Alaska State Museum. The winning photographs from the biennial fine art photography exhibition have been regularly added to the collection of the Alaska State Museum over the years. The show and catalog highlight these photographs. Fully illustrated. Paper, 8.5 x 8.5 inches, 44 pages, $12.95
  • Case and Draper Photographs 1898 - 1920
    Exhibition catalog accompanies the traveling exhibition organized by the Alaska State Museum. The catalog provides a glimpse of the pioneering work of Gold Rush photographers William Case and Horace Draper. The pioneering photographers also documented other aspects of life in the young territory of Alaska. The catalog also includes photos of ships, sawmills, outdoor recreation, schools and churches. 35pp. $5.95.
  • Looking Both Ways
    Aron L. Crowell, Amy F. Steffian, and Gordon L. Pullar, editors. This book accompanied the exhibition that opened at the Alaska State Museum in 2003 and explores the lifestyle and cultural history of the Alutiiq people of Alaska's south-central coast. The exhibition and catalog combine art, archaeology, history and oral tradition to trace the "Alutiiq path" from ancestral generations to contemporary life. Organized by the Arctic Studies Center of the Smithsonian Institution in cooperation with the Alutiiq Museum and Alutiiq communities of Kodiak Island, Prince William Sound, the Alaska Peninsula and Cook Inlet. Illustrated. 265pp. 11"x9", $24.95.
  • Eight Stars of Gold: The Story of Alaska's Flag
    by India Spartz. Written to accompany the current exhibit organized by the Alaska State Museum. The catalog describes the history of Alaska's symbols and the contest, in 1927, that led to the flag. Well illustrated. 24pp. $5.95
  • Quilts of Alaska: A Textile Album of the Last Frontier
    accompanies the exhibit of the same name organized by the Alaska State Museum and curated by June Hall. The catalog is published by the Gastineau Channel Historical Society and contains contributions from a variety of authors. The full-color, 112-page catalog designed by Laura Lucas is a visual feast. 2001. 11" x 9", $21.95.
  • QAYAQ: Kayaks of Alaska and Siberia
    by David W. Zimmerly, published by the University of Alaska Press. This long-awaited reprint of the exhibit catalog, originally published in 1986 by the Alaska State Museum, contains a wealth of original material on the varieties of kayaks traditionally used by North Pacific peoples. 2000. 9" x 91/2", 103 pages. $16.95.
  • All That Glitters: A Centennial Exhibition on the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rushes An overview of Alaska's gold rush era
    By guest curator Kenneth DeRoux. 1996. 36 pp., 9" x 10", color illustrations of artifacts with historical photos, paper. $10.00
  • Sheldon Jackson the Collector
    by Sheldon Jackson Museum Curator, Rosemary Carlton. Missionary, educator, humanitarian, and collector, the Reverend Sheldon Jackson came to Alaska in 1877 to assimilate Native populations into the dominant White culture, but his collecting efforts between 1877 and 1902 represent a significant effort to preserve the legacy of Alaska Natives during a period of tumultuous change. 98 pp. 11"x9", $14. Illustrated. 265pp. 11"x9", $24.95.
  • Faces, Voices and Dreams: A Celebration of the Centennial of the Sheldon Jackson Museum 1888-1988
    Historical and ethnographic articles by noted authorities like Bill Holms, Lydia Black and R. N. DeArmond. 1988. 201 pp., 21 color plates, 108 b/w, map, 9" x 10 1/2", paper. $24.95
  • The Gentle Craft: Watercolor Views of Alaska, l778-l974
    A look at watercolor paintings from the collection of the Alaska State Museum, representative of the more than two hundred years that artists have been painting the Alaska scene, by guest curator, Kenneth DeRoux. 1990. 40 pp., 10 color plates, 21 b/w, 11" x 7 1/2", paper. $6.50
  • Glory Remembered: Wooden Headgear of Alaska Sea Hunters
    A contemporary view of Aleut hats by Lydia Black as well as a reprint of a 1920 paper by famed Russian historian, Sergie V. Ivanov. 1992. 176 pp., 30 color plates, 66 color photos, map, notes, appendix, bibliography, index, 8 1/2" x 11", paper. $24.95
  • Lockwood DeForest: Alaska Oil Sketches
    This catalog by Kesler Woodward and Molly Lee, was developed to accompany an exhibit of paintings executed during DeForest's trips through Alaska in the early l900s; extensive informational text on his travels. 1988. 45 pp., 6 color plates, 17 b/w, 8" x 9", paper. $5.00
  • One Dog Short: The Odyssey and Collection of a Family in Alaska During the Gold Rush Years.
    William and Neeta Sale lived in Alaska from 1900 to 1912, and became prominent members of Nome society during that time. The book is profusely illustrated with historical photographs and color images of many of the artifacts recently donated to the Museum. 1998. 205 pp., 6 1/2" x 9 1/2", color illustrations of artifacts with historical photos, paper. $31.50 plus $4.00 shipping. [OUT OF PRINT]
  • Search for the Northwest Passage: A Bicentennial Exhibition on the Alaska Voyages of George Vancouver
    An exhibition catalog written by guest curator Wallace Olson. 1994. 16 pp., 8 1/2" x 11", paper. $5.00


  • The Whale House of the Chilkat, Community House of the Gaanaxtiedí Clan of Klukwan, Alaska
    Model based on the 1916 study by George T. Emmons. A learning kit folder with photos and drawings of the inside of a Chilkat house plus illustrations and comments about clan symbols. Designed to be used as a learning tool in the classroom, it would be a wonderful addition to any one's library. 1985. Folder and 16 b/w inserts, 8 1/2" x 11", paper. $8.00
  • Wise Guide
    Valuable conservation instructions on the preservation of artifacts. Special focus on unique Alaskan materials and composition. Revised edition, 2000. 35 pp., 8 l/2" x ll", paper. $5.00


A technical paper series, 1986 - 1997, 4 or 8 pps., b/w, 8" x 11", paper. $1.00 each:

Exhibit Posters

  • The Gentle Craft: Watercolor Views of Alaska 1778-1974
    A watercolor by Theodore J. Richardson, "Old Kasaan", c. 1895. 21" x 18", full color. $6.50
  • Images from the Inside Passage: An Alaskan Portrait by Winter and Pond
    This early l900 sepia photo shows an Alaska Tlingit woman and child in clothes representative of the period, with a Chilkat blanket in the background. 18" x 28", two color. $6.00
  • Lockwood DeForest: Alaska Oil Sketches
    "Glacier Closeup," a soft pastel reproduction of a oil painting done in l9l2. 22" x 18", full color. $4.00
  • Search for the Northwest Passage
    Watercolor by Mark Myers. Legend included, 18" x 24", full color $6.00
  • Heaven on Earth: Orthodox Treasures of Siberia and North America
    18" x 24", full color. $6.00
  • All That Glitters: A Centennial Exhibition on the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rushes
    18" x 24", full color. $6.00

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