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Grant-in-Aid (GIA)

What is Grant-in-Aid?

The Alaska State Museum awards grants to Alaska museums and museum-related organizations, such as historical societies or support groups, for projects that improve the quality of museum services and operations within the state. The grants are awarded on a competitive basis once a year.

Contingent upon funding by the Legislature, the Alaska State Museums will award grants to Alaska museums and museum-related agencies for projects scheduled to take place between July 1 and June 30 of the following year. Museums may apply for a regular grant of up to $10,000 or a mini-grant of up to $2,000. You can only apply for one of these programs per year. Each grant has a separate application form.

More about GIA

Application Period

The Grant-in-Aid application period is open from April 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM.


Once started, these applications must be completed. We strongly encourage you to download and fill out the narrative and project budget templates so you can copy and paste them into the Online application.

Grant Information and Forms

Past Grant Information

Grant Awards & Use of Funds

The Museum will provide official notification of the grant award by letter after July 1. The grant award letter may set stipulations on the content and/or cost of the project, based on the application and panel review.

Grant-In-Aid (GIA) funds may be used to purchase materials, equipment, personnel or contractual services or other items necessary to support and improve museum services and operations.

Grant-In-Aid funds will NOT be provided for projects designed to restore historic sites and structures, for collection acquisitions, for costs incurred prior to the date of the grant award letter, to replace or offset employee payroll that would normally be paid otherwise, for continuing education, or for indirect costs, such as administrative overhead, or for re-granting purposes.

Accounting Calendar

Projects should be complete by June 30. Final accounting is due on or before Sept. 30. Accounting forms will be emailed in mid-May. Receipts for all expenditures should be kept and copies submitted with your accounting.

  • June 2: Written request for an extension must be submitted for approval if project cannot be completed by June 30
  • June 30: Deadline for completion of projects
  • September 30: Deadline for submission of final accounting. Also, any extended projects must be completed by this date
  • October 31: Deadline for submission of final accounting for extended projects

Any GIA accounting reports not submitted by September 30, or at the end of an approved extension, will make the organization ineligible for funding until reports are submitted and the account is closed.

Funding Amount

The maximum amount an applicant can request is $10,000, or, in the case of mini-grants, $2,000. It is important that project budgets be realistic. Do not apply for more money than you will reasonably need. In order to match evaluated applications with available funds, the grant administrator may negotiate with individual applicants for reduced program goals and grant awards.


Mini-grants are available for projects up to $2,000. They have a separate application form and instructions. Mini-grants will be evaluated apart from the regular grant applications by a simplified scoring process and will not compete with regular grants for funding.

Map & Cap Surveys

The State Museum encourages Alaska museums to participate in the Museum Assessment Program (MAP) or Conservation Assessment Program (CAP). These programs are administered by the American Association of Museums and American Institute for Conservation and are valuable self-help tools for planning and prioritizing. They are also a positive factor for obtaining grant funding. For additional information contact Anjuli Grantham at (907) 465.4806, or by email Anjuli.

More Information

For information on Eligibility requirements, visit our Eligibility page.

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